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March 10, 2010

The night I went to the Monster Ball…

Beautifully bizarre, outrageously camp and undoubtedly unforgettable…this does not even begin to describe my experience at Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball.



Due to the huge popularity of the tour Lady Gaga added more dates in the UK


When it was announced that the ‘Monster Ball’ was coming to the O2 Arena in London, tickets sold out instantly. Everybody is talking about Lady Gaga, due to her ridiculously outrageous outfits, her catchy number one singles or her weird appearances on Jonathan Ross. It is fair to say that she has fascinated the nation, and for me, she did not disappoint on tour.

It would be inaccurate to describe the ‘Monster Ball’ as merely a  “concert”, as Lady Gaga (real name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) really pulled out all the stops. She  merged electro-pop with musical theatre, creating a truly  unforgettable show like nothing I have ever seen before. The staging was comparable with a Broadway show, combined with the  story line which ran throughout, as Lady Gaga and her team of eccentric dancers try to find their way to the “Monster Ball”. My most memorable moment had to be at the end of the show, when a worryingly realistic “monster” emerged on stage as Lady Gaga performed ‘Paparazzi’. Her quote of the night had to be “Everybody take pictures…and it will die”.

In true Gaga style she did not fail to disappoint with her bizarre outfits. Her hair was a Seseme Street bright yellow and she performed a record breaking number of costume changes. Her outrageous wardrobe included a sequin ensemble which shot sparks from her boobs, a white feathered dress with moving silver wings (as pictured) and a green sequin Tinker Bell style outfit (also pictured).

Lady Gaga in her spectacular feather dress with moving wings

However, stripped bare from all the glitz and glamour it is undeniable that Gaga is truly talented. When she sang “Speechless” (even though the piano was on fire and she had one leg in the air) it really hit home just how talented she really is. She introduced the song as a tribute to her father, and she stopped singing half way through as she held back tears.

Lady Gaga in her tiny green sequin contume

She constantly referred to her fans as “her little monsters” and along with her powerful singing voice she proved she could dance even whilst wearing six inch heels. The choreography was suggestive, fast and wonderfully weird. After attending the ‘Monster Ball’ it is clear that Lady Gaga has a huge amount of talent and originality, she put on a show that was one of a kind, and I have to admit that I am officially a “little monster”.