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February 11, 2010

Sky news…the first for breaking news?

Sky news online claims to be “the first for breaking news” but to what extent is this actually true? This brief website analysis will assess the website in relation to its searchability, usability, navigation, design, content, video, audio, interactivity and user-generated content.


The website is easy to find as it is the top website when googled.


The news stories are easily accessible, and videos are effectively used to support the news stories andĀ are quick to load. Despite the home page being filled with content, it does not overwhelm the reader.


The navigation tabs are placed at the top left of the web page, in a clear font listing the genres of news such as “Politics” and “Showbiz News”. Each tab has lists the top stories of the genre, highlighting stories as “breaking news” which adds an element of exclusivity.


The design is simple yet effective, using the brand’s three colours red, black and white, which adds continuity throughout the website. The font is clear and easy to read and all text is either black on white or white on black, making it clear and prominent.


The content is varied, offering national news as well as international news with various stories which are catagorised in the navigation.


Video footage is used effectively, the tops stories use video footage which loads instantly and supports the content of the story. In the navigation there is a tab named “video” which takes you to the latest Sky News video three minute bulletin. It also lists tabs such as “most watched” and “UK news” allowing the reader to instantly find what they are looking for.


Each video is accompanied by audio of a high quality.


The website consists of several blogs on different topic, such as family affairs and crime. Each blog is updated regularly and each one has comments suggesting they are effective in triggering responses.

User-generated content

Within the navaigation bar thereĀ are two tabs named “your videos” and “your photos”, where the users can upload personal videos and photos. The videos are also catagorised in to tabs such as “most watched” and “weather” allowing easy access to the material.